Corporate Anthropology

Understanding your company culture
is your competitive advantage

Corporate Anthropology

Truly understanding your company culture is your competitive advantage

Culture shapes how we think, feel, and act. lt is about all those little, obvious things you would explain to an outsider as  “1t’s just the way we do things here”. Once you see these patterns for what they are, everything starts to make sense, and effective interventions for cultural transformation are at your fingertips. 

Gaining insight in your company culture is essential if you want to thrive in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. lt enables you to: 

Leverage strengths
Address weaknesses
Create a positive work environment
Make informed decisions
Boost performance
Fix communication gaps
Upgrade customer experience
Attract and retain top talent
Cultural Assessment
Deepen your understanding of your organizations culture and its influence on your employees and customers. The goal of this proces is to uncover the implicit assumptions, values, and beliefs that shape your culture. This understanding is crucial for creating a positive and inclusive work environment, enhancing employee satisfactions, and improving organizational performance. By analyzing the existing organizational culture, identifying strengths, weaknesses, we can work towards areas for improvement. This helps your organization to align your culture with your goals and values.  
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Navigate Change & Transition
Providing valuable guidance when your organization is facing significant changes such as cultural transformations, reorganizations or reorientations, rapid growth and external market changes. Your change companion paves the way for a smooth transformation by understanding how people perceive, respond and adapt to change, and by identifying strategies to facilitate smooth transitions. By managing the human side of change, corporate anthropologists can minimize resistance, facilitate and improve internal and external communication, and manage change more effectively.
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Employee Engagement
Observing and reviewing employee behavior, engagement, and satisfaction beyond traditional marketing and HR approaches. Gain a competitive advantage by understanding underlying factors that affect employee well-being and productivity, such as communication patters, power dynamics, and work-life balance. This leads to more effective employer branding strategies, creating a positive and engaging workplace culture and developing a more authentic and compelling employer brand. This is how you reduce turnover and attract talent that aligns with the organization's values.
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Customer perspective
Representing your customer's perspective in meetings and discussions, and continuing to challenge your team on incorporating user experience and customer insights. One of the key roles of a corporate anthropologist is to bridge the gap between the organization and the customers by providing insights into user behavior, preferences, and experiences. The insights you gain from these sessions will drive innovation. Your team will be challenged to keep searching for more user-centric strategies and develop products and services that resonate with your target markets.
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