Pause & focus

Strategic workshops – Focus sessions

Soundboard conversations and Coaching

All workshops and vision sessions can be held in both English and Dutch. The sessions listed here are examples. Feel free to contact me for personalised sessions custom-made for your organisation. 

CEO Soundboard conversation

Soundboard & coaching

Time-efficient short telephone tune-ups between meetings or in the car or relaxing over coffee or lunch.
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Find your WHY

Focus session

A real eye-opener for teams that want to improve their internal and external communication
Strategy session_Marketing_Strategic workshop_Find your WHY
Marketing Strategy Soundboard

Soundboard & coaching

Strategic soundboard answering your day-to-day or more strategic questions on managing your marketing department.
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Visualize your future vision

Focus session

Creating a clear and concise visual with the essence of your vision and strategic direction.
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Soundboard session

soundboard & coaching

To-the-point strategic advice tailored to your company's needs in a one-to-one soundboard session.
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Brand identity Discovery

Focus session

Your Brand Identity is shaped by your core values and drive. Find the essence of your brand.
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Prioritize your customer

Team brainstorm

Capturing and understanding your customer's experience during all contact moments with your company.
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Share your WHY!

team Brainstorm

Sharing your "WHY" with your entire team including a future focused brainstorm on living your why.
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Communication from your WHY

Team Brainstorm

Build interaction with your customer and your team thanks to consistent and intentional communication.
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A word from my clients

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