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Corporate CULTURE


As a corporate anthropologist, Kim brings valuable insights into culture, human behavior, and organizational dynamics. Leveraging this anthropological perspective gives your company a competitive advantage in understanding and responding to today’s complex social and cultural factors.

Culture assessments with anthropology roots

By using corporate anthropology techniques, behavioral patterns deeply rooted in your company culture are uncovered. 

Being aware of those little, obvious things you would explain to an outsider as  “It’s just the way we do things here” is essential when you want to leverage your company culture. 

Culture In.sight

high level, fast findings

Culture In.depth

detailed, in-depth analysis

Don't stop there.

Once we unravel the underlying pattern and find the core issue, it becomes clear what propels or hinders your organisation. Turning these insights into action is where the magic happens. Armed with effective strategies, we can reinforce strengths or transform what is no longer working for your organisation. 

After reporting we discuss the needed interventions, based on your specific situation. 

You need to make changes to see changes. Let's talk.

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