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Why I get up in the morning...

Finding linchpins, spark a ripple effect

I seek the true linchpin, the lever that generates significant impact effortlessly, creating a ripple effect. Be it pointing out the covert issue that causes endless boardroom discussions or capturing a company’s essence in a single line, I’m here to cut through the noise. To echo Simon Sinek, this is why I get up in the morning – this is my WHY.

My strategic workshops and vision sessions are a great way to do that. Each one of them is carefully designed to:

Unravel the here and now
See the bigger picture
Clarify complex situations
Build bridges between people
Imagine the future

Culture assessment with anthropology roots

By using corporate anthropology techniques, behavioral patterns deeply rooted in your company culture are uncovered. 

Being aware of those little, obvious things you would explain to an outsider as  “It’s just the way we do things here” is essential when you want to leverage your company culture. 

Culture In.sight

high level, fast findings

Corporate Anthropology

The power of your company culture

Culture is at the heart of every organisation. It shapes how we think, feel, and act. lt is about every obvious thing you would explain as “I don’t know, it’s the way we do things here“. It is the essence, the red thread running through your organisation.

Culture can drive our team forward and it can hold us back. Once you see these culture patterns, everything starts to make sense, and effective interventions for cultural transformation are at your fingertips.

“Truly understanding your company culture is your competitive advantage.”

Gaining insight in your company culture is essential if you want to thrive in an increasingly diverse world.

Leverage strengths
Address weaknesses
Create a positive work environment
Make informed decisions
Boost performance
Fix communication gaps
Upgrade customer experience
Attract and retain top talent

Don't stop there.

Once we unravel the underlying pattern and find the core issue, it becomes clear what propels or hinders your organisation. Turning these insights into action is where the magic happens. Armed with effective strategies, we can reinforce strengths or transform what is no longer working for your organisation. 

You need to make changes to see changes. Let's talk.

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