Culture In.sight

A snapshot of your company culture,
with valuable insights and immediate benefits.

Culture assessment with Anthropology roots

Culture In.sight is a snapshot of your company culture. By using corporate anthropology techniques, behavioral patterns deeply rooted in your company culture are uncovered. It’s the small things you don’t even notice anymore, and yet they matter the most. 

Once you see patterns, everything makes sense, and effective interventions for cultural transformation are at your fingertips: 

Transform you culture
Create a positive and inclusive work environment
Enhance employee satisfaction
Improve organisational performance
Align culture with goals and vision
Fix communication gaps
Introduce an innovative and growth mindset
Retrain teams to think past department boundaries

Benefits of the Culture In.sight assessment

fast findings

Culture In.sight is highly time-efficient and cost-effective. This assessment won’t disrupt your daily operations at all. Within one week you will get valuable insights and actionable advice

Sharpen the understanding of your company culture. Culture In.sight reveals key elements in your company culture. The things you don’t even notice anymore, and yet matter the most. 



Culture In.sight shows you where to improve. Actionable advice that leads to a positive work environment, increases employee satisfaction, and improves organisational performance.

Culture In.sight is right for you, when ...

.. you have limited time or budget

Culture In.sight is designed to provide rapid insights into an organisation's culture, and it is very cost-effective. Full culture audits are much more resource-intensive and costly. This assessment focuses on gathering essential information and provides actionable insights in a shorter timeframe.

.. you have a specific focus

In the Culture In.sight assessment we can target specific areas of interest or specific cultural dimensions within the organisation. This focused approach let's you quickly address particular concerns, evaluate the impact of recent initiatives, or assess cultural aspects related to a specific project or objective.

.. you are looking for continuous improvement

Culture In.sight can serve as a baseline assessment, and periodic scans allow you to track progress and continuously improve your culture over time. It enables you to measure the impact of interventions, monitor cultural changes, and ensure ongoing alignment with organizational goals.

Culture In.sight can be used as a regular monitoring tool to track changes in culture over time. Cultural monitoring is used to identify cultural shifts, assess the effectiveness of interventions, and make ongoing adjustments to maintain alignment with strategic goals.

.. you need a preliminary assessment to make your case

Culture In.sight can serve as a preliminary assessment or a preliminary step before conducting a full-scale culture audit. The result is a snapshot of your organisation's culture, helping identify areas that require more in-depth examination or further investigation.

.. immediate action is needed

You need actionable insights fast? Within a week we can identify pressing cultural issues or areas for improvement that require immediate attention and intervention. With the findings and actionable advice you can implement targeted initiatives or interventions right away.

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Kim is endlessly curious and a committed listener. As a trained corporate anthropologist she connects with your team while observing and getting to the essence of your organisations culture.

Definitely a people person, she links ideas, stories and concepts and is always looking for themes and patterns. 

She brings valuable insights into culture, human behavior, and organisational dynamics. 

"Culture belongs to everyone in it. Any of us can choose to change it."

You need to make changes to see changes. Let's talk.

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Talk soon!   Kim

"good questions inform, great questions transform"

- ken coleman -

Frequently Asked Questions ▾

What is culture and why do we need cultural research?

Culture refers to the shared beliefs, values, norms, customs, behaviors, and symbols that characterize a particular group of people. It influences how they perceive the world, interact with others, and make decisions. Culture basically shapes how we think, feel, and act. It is about all those little, obvious things you would explain to an outsider as “it’s just the way we do things here". 

Cultural research is crucial for organisations seeking to thrive in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Knowing the culture of your company allows you to leverage its strengths, address its weaknesses, and foster a positive and productive work environment. It enables leaders to create a positive and inclusive work environment, make informed decisions, and build strong relationships with employees and customers. 

What is corporate anthropology and how do anthropologists research culture?

Cultural anthropologists study the beliefs, values, customs, and behaviors of different cultures. They immerse themselves in the culture they are studying, aiming to understand the cultural context from an insider's perspective. Corporate anthropology now applies anthropological principles and methodologies to understand and address challenges within a corporate or business context.

Corporate anthropologists study the culture of the organization, including its values, beliefs, norms, communication patterns, and social structures. They assess how the culture influences decision-making, employee behavior, and overall organisational performance.

The toolkit of the anthropologist includes ethnographic research, which involves participant observation, interviews, and social network analysis within the corporate environment. This immersive approach allows them to gain an insider's perspective and understand the lived experiences of employees.

How can culture assessments benefit my organisation?

Culture assessments provide valuable insights into the current culture, helping organisations understand the behavioural patterns deeply rooted in the culture of the organisation. Cultural strengths can be leveraged and areas for improvement get the needed attention. Aligning the organisation's culture with its long-term goals and objectives, leads to performance improvements.
Transformation initiatives improve collaboration, innovation and creativity.

Understanding the organisation's cultural identity can shape branding and messaging, enhancing the organisation's reputation, and improving customer experience.
Organisations support leadership development, create a positive work environment and retain top talent, by understanding the cultural factors that contribute to employee engagement and satisfaction.

Before implementing significant organisational changes, understanding the existing culture is essential. Culture research can help anticipate potential challenges, resistance, and opportunities for fostering successful change management. Culture research can also help during mergers and acquisitions, by identifying cultural compatibility, potential clashes, and strategies for integration.

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